A View of The Universe – Part 5 (Trinity)

Trinity is notion of 3 principles working together as a unit, as one entity. Like a family can be considered as a unit when all 3 members (Father mother and child) work harmoniously together. Trinity is a principle which exist from the beginning to the end. The beginning as the Divine world and the end as the physical world. The end simply follows the beginning. Like the tail of a snake follows its head, the material world follows the spiritual world. And the spiritual world itself follows the Divine world. We should be able to see trinity in all its aspects of life, because that gives us great guidance for our spiritual life. If God is a trinity, and if God has duplicated itself throughout in all parts of the universe, then we find trinity everywhere. At part of Christianity agrees that God is Father, son and holy spirit, in Hinduism, trinity also is recognized because Brahma, Vishnu and shiva form the trinity. But is simply perceiving God as a trinity helps to solve the problems of our lives. I doubt it. It is not enough to know the definitions of things, it is necessary to experience them. To live them. And that is only possible if we learn to recognize the representation of the spiritual things around us. For example, learn to experience trinity with your family. If you are a father, be conscious of the fact that you represent God the father in your family, then stay aware of what it feels like to be so. See trinity in what we call time. As the past present and future, are 3 things working together to maintain the manifestation of the matter. The present is the Father, the past is Mother, and the future is the children. Or see trinity in among the stars which have direct influence on earth ( The sun, moon and earth). As the father is the sun, the mother is ...

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