About Urine Therapy

You must have already heard of Urine therapy right? You know, drinking your own pee to cure yourself. If not, maybe a little research online will inform you about it. In this article I'd like to stop at the esoteric aspect of this practice and see what one could get from this.

For information sake to those who are new to the idea. Urine therapy is an ancient practice during which you drink your own pee to help your body system to auto heal. Yes, drinking your own urine  . Sounds disgusting isn't it? But not for those who've been doing it for years and who actually healed themselves  for practicing it. No doubt this therapy works, for I've practiced it for various reasons myself with much success in my health. What I noted to be very interesting about this practice is its amazing effect on our subtle bodies.

Urine is commonly considered to be a bad substance which the body throws out of the body, like the shit going out of the anus. If Urine is  to be considered as toxic, then we must also ask the question why nature didn't make only one hole for all the dirty material  (shit and pee) to go through and out of the body. Instead nature came up with two holes. If Urine was a poison, or dirty, it would have taken the same direction as the rest of toxic materials going out of the body. It would have gone through the anus. But instead, Urine takes a different path. A way to tell us "It's different".

We've been brought to believe that Urine is toxic. The official science of today has studied Urine and it says that Urine is the excess of water and vitamins extracted directly from our blood by the kidneys. The kidneys send that excess of elements to the bladder and soon goes out of our sex organ. So in reality, Urine is nothing but our own blood. Not a waste of the blood...

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