About your subconsciousness forces

Human naturally say : We eat, sleep, we give birth, we grow, we get old , and die; And plants have proved to speak the same language, because they do the same. Then humans claim to do things that plants do not do, they say : “we run when there’s danger, we get angry, we get jealous, we feel, we act ” But animals have proved to speak that language, because animals do the same. See what’s happening here? Humans say “We do”, plants say “We do” and animals say “We also do”. There’s a “we” which is doing a common thing in different areas of nature. Then who (or what) is that “we” ? “We” is the subconscious force of nature that pushes all living beings to obey its laws. And that’s what I’d like to talk about in this article. The human heritage from plants and animals to humans. Or the subconscious forces of nature. This is my view on the subject, and you’re welcome to share yours.

The subconsciousness Identity

Humans, animals and plants have many things in common. Things they have and do. But usually things they all haven’t chosen to have or to do. Somehow, we are all pushed to obey to the laws of nature. See for yourself, whether we like or not, we breath, we urinate, we communicate, we feed, we grow. Despite the fact that we have a free-will, many parts of what we are made of, do not obey our will. Our heart for example doesn’t care about our opinions. The heart will beat automatically by itself, and so does many other organs. The Organs which obey a little to our will, like the lungs are the points from where humans can get some control over other organs or the actual subconsciousness (I’ll get back to that shortly). So certain forces we don’t have control over, run automatically within us without our permission.

I was saying earlier that the “We” pronoun is a word which plants and animals can share with humans. Because yes, humans do share animals and plants subconsciousness. Let’s then pause for a while on the different pronouns which living beings could use to identify themselves from others and let’s study their depth meaning. “We” is what makes all beings live a common kind of life in the lower worlds. I say in lower worlds, because in a higher world, the “we” becomes The “I”. And in a much higher world “I” is a “No identity”. What gives the power to humans to use personal pronouns, I mean the power to use words like “I, you, he/she, we, they” in their speech? Those words are used every day, even if their depth meaning is not always known. Those pronouns target identities, in other words, different levels of consciousness. This is because different kind of natural forces gathers together to form a “They”, a “we”, a “you” , or a “I”. When for example an exorcist notices his badly possessed patient identifying himself in terms of “We”, instead of “I” , he is worried, because that possibly means that the patient is possessed by a legend of demons or a negative subconscious force. I’m not suggesting that we should no longer use the “We” word, No! Tongue , I’m just bringing your attention on how different level of consciousness can express themselves.

About 90% forces of the subconscious talk in terms of “we”, because they are not self-conscious. Look at the Minerals and stones case for example, their consciousness doesn’t allow them to identify themselves with the word “We”, they don’t know who they are, they can’t talk about themselves, they can only talk about others, that is why you will notice that minerals and stones support everything else except themselves . That level of being is known as unconsciousness. If it was possible for minerals and stones to speak, they would only be talking about others, you could hear from them the frequent word : “They” in their speech, and never a “I, you, he/she, or we”. Plants also would use the “They” word, but still, they don’t know themselves as individual but only as a group. So they would use the word “We” to identify themselves. Animals also use the group identity “We”; and because the male and female is very distinct in the animal kingdom, animal would use the “He and she” words, This level of consciousness is known as subconsciousness. Now come humans, who can not only use the “They, we, he/she” but also the “you and I”. For humans are conscious of their being (lower nature) and the one of others . This level is known as the self awareness. Then comes super-humans who are conscious of their higher self (of their divine nature) this level of consciousness is known as supra consciousness.

Humans inherited from minerals the unconsciousness (They); from plants and animals the subconsciousness ( we, he/she ). Humans have the whole nature within them (minerals, plants and animals are within). That inner nature is what spiritualists call the lower nature.

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The subconscious is the part of the lower nature of humans that represents plants and mostly animal kingdom. When an inspired spiritualist says there are animals in a human being, he/she doesn’t mean we have those animals with all their teeth inside us, Big Grin No, what he actually means is, that the same subconscious forces which animate plants and animals are also in us. See how babies are carried away by the forces of plants, they eat, sleep and grow. How the youth is carried away by the forces of animals, they fight, don’t obey their parents, get violent… and when they get older, they become a bit more conscious of their subconscious acts, they start to modify certain of those forces. And many of the adults who have changed a lot of their subconscious forces have become unique identities, they have become distinct from the general people, this explains talented people, and famous people. Some others do not care about changing one bit of their nature, and so they stay the same like everybody else. They get carried by what everybody do and say, they listen to the “We” forces of the society. If something is not approved to be good by everybody then it’s not right to their mind. Those people have such a low view of things ( always public view) and find it easy to follow any kind of group or party. Because they have no opinion of their own, they spend their entire life quoting others and doing exactly like the public and so, just like animals they have no identity of their own. It’s sad, very sad.

The subconsciousness and the laws of nature.

Now to be able to not follow the “We” doesn’t resolve the problem completely neither. There’s still to say about the kind of change people do to their subconsciousness to become unique identities. See, we can modify our animal forces to become different from the public; different from the “We”, that’s good, yes but if we modify those forces in a way to make things worse, we become real physical demons; True, since demons too have worked hard in modifying their spiritual nature in a very negative way Confused . The free-will is given to the human so he could consciously modify those subconscious forces of his nature in a positive or negative way in order to rise higher and quicker and become one day like his creator who is above the unconsciousness and subconsciousness. A human being is given the free will so he could dominate the subconsciousness forces, instead of blindly being driven by those forces like they do in the animal and plant world.

OK does all this means we should kill the subconsciousness forces within us? No, the laws of nature are the laws of life and so they can’t be removed, they are eternal. You can’t refuse to live, to grow, to feel, to eat, and even if you refuse, you notice that you still do grow, feel, think etc. If you fight against the laws of nature, you will end up destroying yourself. For instance, If you decide to breath no more, you will end up suffocating and dying. Or stop sleeping and soon you will get sick. Stop feeling and you soon become miserable. It’s a great danger to not be able to understand this. There’s nothing wrong with natural forces. And I’ll dare say something shocking for some people: what we call vices, the anger, jealousy, sensuality, violence, envy, lies etc are not seen in the spiritual world in the same way as we humans see them. We humans call it bad, but heaven sees it in fact as a simple natural force.

Now you will see people who tend to dislike other people who display those vices, some even run away from vicious people, some others even feel disgusted. But spiritual being have no such feeling of vomiting in front of vicious people. All the things we consider as bad are seen by spiritual beings as normal basic natural forces. See for yourself! those things we call bad are found in animals and plants, right? but then why doesn’t God destroy all animals and plants if he saw that bad in them as “ bad”? and why did he even create them like that? God even seem to love them since he nourishes them all. In fact God loves the whole of his creation, even the demons, since he doesn’t kill them too. All beings in the universe we consider bad or good serve God. And so all forces of nature serve God. Inside of us, the subconscious is meant to work for our spiritual development. God and all the greatest spiritual beings are beyond the good and bad judgment. What we humans call bad is what we have no control over, bad is always what is beyond our control. Just like rain, tornadoes, hurricane and even the forest used to be considered as evil things in the far past, today we don’t see all those things as bad, since we know how to deal with those forces. In the same way, anger, envy, sensuality etc are seen as bad forces only because we don’t know how to deal with them so far.

Scientists are not afraid nor they run away from natural phenomenal of nature, and mystics are esoteric scientists who are not afraid of the natural forces of their psychic inner world. They study it, see how they work, and find ways to not be affected by it. Scientists protect themselves against those strong natural phenomena of nature and even use them to create useful things: medicine, machines, electricity etc. Mystics too study and put all their bad forces under their control. So in the outside world, among all the living beings in nature, humans is the one who has managed to change his environment. And inside of us our self- consciousness (self-awareness) is what will control and change our inner environment.

When the consciousness can’t control the forces released by the subconsciousness, humans become no different from animals and plants. It’s no surprising for me why the esoteric science says that some human souls reincarnate as animals when those souls did fight hard not to develop. Sure, those who continuously live an animal life get the chance to join the animal kingdom one day. And those who live a plant life will get even lower to become trees or flowers. The problem is not to have vices, to have shortcoming, It’s nothing astonishing, you are human, the sum of the whole universe, everything you call bad or good must exist in you. God will not blame you for having all those things in you, God himself contains everything, the whole universe and is even the whole universe, and has all that under his control. The problem comes when you don’t do anything to make all those forces at your service. You are blamed by heaven for not claiming your human identity and even better, your divine identity. There’s no problem in expending one’s consciousness to a supra consciousness one. But it’s a problem to lose one’s human identity and get down to the animal or plant level.

So everyone has vices, shortcomings… we agree, but not everyone is aware of those vices in themselves. The common people say “We are sensual, dishonest, lazy” but it’s difficult for them to say “I am sensual, dishonest, lazy”. They prefer to see those faults in other people. Very much like animals which are always viewing things in a collectively (group) way, or targeting others and never seeing things individually, and never are they wrong… Yes look around you, the common people is so. They don’t know about themselves individually, they always see their own shortcoming in others. However there are some others who are able to admit their vices and say “I am sensual, dishonest, lazy”, these people are self-aware. They have taken the time to watch how they behave, and they have become conscious of their own subconsciousness forces, which is the first step to modifying them. And then to make them work better for their spiritual benefit. We shouldn’t be trying to go against the laws of life, but rather bettering its forces where need be. I mean, we are not to prevent ourselves from drinking water otherwise we will suffer and eventually die, but we will rather drink the pure water. We will not stop eating food but we will eat the pure food. We will not stop loving but we will love the best things. We will not prevent ourselves from growing but grow harmoniously… And we can only achieve those changes by first becoming conscious and then working on our subconscious selves. If for example we find out and admit that we are loving dirty things, we should then change the direction of that force, to love pure things. But we are never stopping to love.

To ignore that natural law is one of the mistake which mostly religious people do. They seem to know exactly what is good and bad. Seriously! They always judge and classify things as good and bad and they are very good at that! but they soon realize that almost everything and everybody in the world is bad, so what they end up doing is, stop meeting, greeting, talking, having fun with people, they separate themselves from people and even from other religions. And that’s even how they fight against certain laws of nature. Everything in the universe is meant to have connection with everything else, because it’s all in one situation. Humans are also meant to love the whole universe and not only a group of people. If we think that other religions are worse compared to ours, then we not any better (stronger) than that religion.

Because nothing is bad when we are stronger. If someone thinks that making babies on earth is bad, then at least he should make babies inside him, in his soul. But should never, never remove the natural law of procreation, because we are meant to multiply. If you find out that you are eating on the ground, and that makes you look like an animal, no problem! Just change the way of eating, eat in a more human way. If you get angry like an animal, no problem, simply do your best to get angry like a human, or even better, do it like an angel. If you are lazy, try not to be as lazy as an animal or plant, but as an angel, or even better if you can etc. That’s how we can modify the subconscious forces of our inner world. That’s how we develop ourselves.

Love and light


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