One of the good reason why we want to study the natal astrology is the fact that it helps to understand our nature, our behaviors. We understand why we have such and such bad or good behavior. Because we want to be better, This can only be beneficial to those who like studding to learn about astrology to find out what their lower nature is more likely to make them do.

Human being is a small universe, he has in him, planets, demons and angels… So when astrology talks about the different things of the universe, It’s actually talking about our own being. What applies up there, applies down here in us. Astrology can give us so much details about elements of the universe and will give you a clue about how to deal with it, how to connect to other forces, other planets …

In natal astrology, you will study 4 main important things:
· The planets
· The zodiac signs
· The houses
· Aspects

You can find lots of lessons on the internet or books about astrology, I will only focus on what I think should be brought to light. Astrology is not a “fortune teller thing” for me, I see it in so many other aspects that we can use to develop.

If you are a beginner in astrology, here are few things you should first know.

A geocentric view of astrology. The zodiac.

In astrology we look at things a bit differently, so we’ll have to be familiar with the terms. For example, In astrology we see things from Earth, from that view, the planets: sun, and moon appear to orbit around us along an apparent path near the ecliptic.
A geocentric view is effective in astrology because we study the interaction between the rest of the universe and us here on Earth.

The planets in astrology view, travel trough the 12 zodiac signs. For example we know exactly where the sun is at this very moment: in the Taurus sign.
When someone says his zodiac sign is Taurus, that means, the sun was positioned in the Taurus sign at the moment of his birth. Then that position of the planet influences him in his life.
These are math’s made by the Aralim angels. Based on what we’ve achieved in our past lives, the Aralim will wait for the proper position of the planets to let you be born on earth so you get what you deserve when you are born.

We all talk about years and months, timing etc, those calculations concept come from the knowledge of this.

· A Year means the total time it takes for the sun to travel the whole zodiac.
· A month means the total time the moon takes to travel the zodiac.

You can notice that even the word month is similar to moon. The word month came from the word “moon” .

Astrologers have drawn a circle that represent the view of the zodiac 

In the zodiac, each planets falls in one of the 12 zodiac signs. There is also what we call Houseswhere planets can fall in the zodiac.

And we have aspects as well, aspects. We’ll have to create a new topic to discuss what are houses and aspects in the zodiac, it’s just to much to explain here.

Finally you will come across what we call astrology map technically called chart or Horoscope.
And you will need to be familiar with the symbols used in astrology called glyphs. You will see glyphs symbols all over the chart. So knowing the meaning of each of those symbols will help you read the chart. Be able to see a symbols and say “ho that is Sagittarius, and that is Jupiter”

Then the rest of your studies is to find out the relationship of that knowledge with your life and how then you can improve it.