When an initiates wants spiritual intervention, he/she puts him/herself in a circle and calls the spiritual beings. But the initiates knows that those entities ( the spiritual beings) are not from this 3D world ( physical world), and so he needs special ways to attract and call them. He will then apply the laws of correspondences, the law of affinity. He will place symbolic objects in his circle, like a bowl of salt, a bowl of water, he will light a candle and burn an encens. In that circle he will look east, south, west and north to invoke the spirits of the 4 corners. He/she sometimes will do this rituals on specific days at specific hours to make sure that his prayer is addressed the entity (spiritual entity) of his choice.

The spiritual beings exist and are always active in their world. The difference in vibrations between the 2 worlds ( the invisible physical plane and the higher invisible planes) is so huge that they may seem not to exist, until you use the symbols, the gestures, the words which creates a link between the 2 worlds. Then we become aware of their presence. Without knowing it, in our daily life we use thoughts, gestures, symbols which open the doors to higher or lower vibration frequencies. And because we are mostly ignorant, more often we allow ourselves to be visited by entities of lower worlds. I'm not suggesting that one should know all the correspondences which links to the spiritual worlds, which is almost impossible with our current low mind. But to know at least that all forces may be awaken by their correspondences, will encourage and make a spiritual person adjust his practices and finally come up with his own effective way to awaken his/her higher self.

To awake the higher self is the primary goal of all spiritual people. When this s...

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