Communicating with the spiritual world

If we can communicate with the physical world, then we can also communicate with the spiritual world.

The physical body with all its senses helps the communication with the physical world. And our spirit will help us communicate with the spiritual word. The babies way of communicating with the physical world is not the same as the grown up person’s. It then depends on how much developed we are. To communicate is to send and/or receive a message. In our physical body some organ helps us to send messages, and some others helps to receive the message, like the mouth is meant to send, and the ears to receive. No message is really received if it is not understood. A message should be taken as the meaning of what we receive. There are lots of messages around us, passing through our eyes and ears, if we are not aware of some of them it’s just because we do not have the proper organ developed to perceive them. And even with that organ developed, if we do not get the meaning of the message, we haven’t gotten the message at all.

Communication between beings
Human have learnt how to communicate between them and even with other kingdom beings like animals. And animals can communicate among each other and with plants and plants can communicate with stones, but at that level of stones, the communication is very low. You can see that the communication between humans and animals is through passing the meaning, some gestures or sounds are made and the human or the animal understands. Some more developed animals have even gone as far as to understand some human sounds, words and sentences, this is mostly seen with some dogs which loves their masters a lot. just like we have different kind of beings on earth, we also have different kind of beings in the spiritual world, In fact we ...

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