Concrete and abstract thoughts

What is a thought?
Simply an invisible voice, or and invisible image. Thoughts belong to an invisible world. That invisible world is called the mental world. We humans have a part of our soul living in the mental world. That part of the soul is called “The mind or mental body”. The mind is then what connects us to the mental world. Our mind produces and receives thoughts. Through our mind, we can hear and send thoughts in the invisible world. The mind world is more busier than the feeling world or the material world. It is active, and every second, mental images and voices are being sent and received.

Thoughts are sorted and organized in the mental world. Much like clouds are grouped per density. Some thoughts are heavier than others, others are cleaner than others etc. In the spiritual life, we want to have less heavy thoughts. And spiritual thoughts are mostly the less heavier ones. Here is how I will put the 5 types of thoughts in a scale. The 5th type being the less heaviest,

1- Day to day earthly thoughts (food, work, sex related worries)
2 – Scientific thoughts (biology, chemistry… related )
3 – religious thoughts ( love for the invisible, love of virtues…)
4 – philosophic thoughts ( Meaning of things, logic, reason)
5 – Spiritual thoughts (principles of life, laws of the universe)

When during meditation someone is producing thoughts of type 1, he/she is producing in the invisible world, sounds or images which are very concrete, and which travels the lowest part of the mental world. His thoughts will be received by many people, because so many people’s mind are hooked to that level of the mental world. Thoughts of the same kind group together and form a sort of network. Each person’s life can be defined by the type of thoughts he/she entertains in his head. The more day to day thoughts you carry, the more you are hooked to the type 1 network of the mental world. Well, who doesn’t think food or work? we all do. The problem is not in thinking about those things, the problem is on the amount of time we spend on those thoughts. The more you are on it, the more you are hooked to the network. Why do you think meditations are prescribed in all forms of yoga. This is because it releases you from the day to day mental network for a while. It is not advised in a spiritual life to remain in the day to day type of thoughts 24/7. Switch a little. Move to higher spiritual networks for a while to refresh.

Electric and Magnetic thoughts
Some thoughts are electric, and some others are magnetic. One can also view those are hot and cold thoughts. Some thoughts strongly attracts other thoughts of the same kind, those are the magnetic thoughts or cold thoughts. Others rejects thoughts strongly, which are the hot thoughts or hot ones. I need to get into more details to make myself understood.
As we’ve all experienced, when we think, we either use words(invisible sounds) or images. Most mental sounds we make are electric, and most mental images are magnetic. You may do the maths. People who mostly think with images ( using their right brain) have a very large mental body. Once you have a strong mental image, other similar mental images come around it. In the end, your mind becomes a huge magnetic field. And the bigger the mind, the stronger the attraction. but is this bad? for the majority of people yes it is bad. But not for all. Let me explain: Most people’s mental images are concrete. As they spend more time in the lowest type of thoughts. They have the actual food, car, sex images in the mind for long hours. Those images attracts more similar images; and as time passes, that mind becomes a very strong magnet of those those type of thoughts. In the end, it becomes difficult to live without such thoughts. Even when they won’t want to think of those things, images of the lower kind will come to their mind automatically, although unwanted . Even during prayer or meditation, those images will come, because there is a magnet in place which is attracting them.

As for most mental sounds, they tend to reject other thoughts. As you may already know, sometimes the best way to not think of a problem is to simply actively be thinking of something else, isn’t it? Yet again, one must know when to properly use any kind of thought.

The most electric thoughts are not of type 1 . But rather from type 3 to 5. type 5 are the most electric. From type 1 to 2 type are mostly magnetic. See, the more abstract the thought is the more it is electric, and the more it rejects incoming thoughts. Then the more concrete the thought is, the more it attracts.

Concrete thoughts can become Abstract or vice versa
Depending on how you manage your thoughts, you can bring certain electric thoughts to become magnetic or vice versa. Because thoughts can change from abstract to concrete and vice versa. Even the world as we know it today used to be abstract. There was no concrete things, everything was abstract before becoming concrete. And must come a time when all concrete must become abstract again. Let me give a practical example of how one can turn an abstract thought into concrete thought and vice versa. Let’s say you are cogitating on a spiritual law, the law of reincarnation for example. If in your thinking you stick with the meaning of reincarnation, giving definitions, all your thoughts remains abstract and so very electric. Now say during your thinking process you decide see the reincarnation not in philosophical or religious way, but rather in material way. I mean, in your thinking process you see what represents the reincarnation in the physical world. You would happen to see reincarnation in the journey of a tree. The tree gives fruits and dies, but thanks to its seed, it reincarnates. That is a concrete thought. So by the time you involve material things of the physical world in your thinking process, you are creating concrete thoughts. You can also go from concrete thoughts to abstract thoughts. Start thinking of multiple examples of this world, and draw a conclusion. You will notice that, that conclusion is usually abstract. You will draw a rule, a principle out of common physical realities. For example, in your mind see how animals, plants and humans feed, start by picturing them all eating, then give your conclusion using mental sounds.

[Image: 33kx5ec.jpg]

Abstract thoughts.
Abstract thoughts do not only appear in our mind as mental sounds. But they may also appear to us as images. Yes there are abstract images too. Geometric images in the mind are all abstract thoughts. They are representations, conclusions, synthesis of concrete things. The higher spiritual world itself is very abstract, yet so real. The spiritual world is the seed of our material world. The conclusion of our world, the synthesis of our world. Most of the time, people are bored to hear of abstractions, it feels like a waist of time to even think of abstract things. But in reality, it is the true real thing in existence Smile. See, all concrete things are very limited in time and space, while abstract things are not. They are eternal and don’t change. Mathematical formulas and geometric shapes are absolute for example. So are virtues: generosity, love, kindness, wisdom, justice, freedom… all those things which we don’t even touch or see remain the same over centuries. Abstract thoughts are paths or patterns which rule our material lives. Much like the roads which cars follow in the highway. Each thing in the material world follows abstract ideas. Each human for example has an idea which he follows. Someone’s idea is even the most important thing in life. Some live for the idea of GOD, others for the idea of getting a job, some others for the idea of becoming a powerful human being. Etc. When one looses his abstract things off his mind, he lets go off life.

When during meditation, one reaches the point when he has more abstract thoughts than concrete ones. He experiences thoughtfulness. Spiritual masters do encourage thoughtfulness, mindfulness, and some others will prescribe a total silence, a void of the mind. Understanding the concept of stopping thoughts in the mind depends on how you define thoughts. When Masters say to stop thoughts, they do not mean abstract thoughts. They mean those endlessness day to day mental sounds and images we made with our mind. That day to day noise, that is the kind of thought to learn how to kill from time to time. It is silly for anyone to stop all kind of thoughts anyway, otherwise what are we going to become in the street. Some sorts of zombies Smile . One can’t function without any thinking process. When you stop the day to day kind of thoughts, you still should have your abstract thinking going on.

It is important to learn how to think abstract. As this links to a much higher world. Abstract language is used by all spiritual entities. And our own true self. When the higher self speaks to us, it doesn’t use concrete thoughts. But rather abstract thoughts. Then our mind must translate that into more concrete thoughts which can be understood by others. The abstract language is also called intuition. It is usually short idea in the mind but very certain and clean. The intuitive way of thinking should not be forced. This should simply be the result of an effort through meditation. In fact when our true self manifest through meditation, we should experience moments of silence (a complete absence of day to day thoughts) and intuitive thinking. For those interested, I will post a topic in the future about how to provoke the intuitive thinking during meditation.

I hope this will help someone’s understanding of thoughts out there.

Love and light to you.


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