The forest and the palace can be seen as representation of regions of our inner being. The forest is our human subconsciousness and the palace is our supra consciousness. In the human subconsciousness lives lots of vices, bad habits, weakness . Those vices, weakness, bad habits are actually the inner wild animals. The jungle or huge forest we see in the outside world is also inside of us. And the palace (or Towns and cities) is also in us. All virtues, good habits of the soul like generosity, kindness, wisdom, truth, justice … are beings of the inner palace. And all vices, bad habits of the soul like Lust,Greed,Anger,Arrogance,Attachment, Covetousness are beings of the inner forest ; Yes indeed, in your inner forest live the Shadripus like Indian spiritual gurus name them.

We can even see the palace and the forest in a much bigger picture, as the whole universe. I mean as the material and spiritual world. In Hinduism you would see this as the purusha and the prakriti, or as the truth and Maya or the real and the unreal, the eternity and time, what doesn’t change and what changes… A human being is made in the same structure as the universe, everything that exist in the outside universe is also found in us. That means a human being is a small universe. Everything, trees, animals, water, earth, fire, planets, galaxies, negative beings and positive beings also exist in us. The palace is the spiritual reality in us. When you think spiritual things, when you feel joy during your prayers, your meditations, when you read a beautiful holy script, or inspiring text, that joy feeling comes from your inner palace. The forest however is the material reality in us . When you happen to think negative things, when you feel angry, jealous, sexual, sad… that is coming from your inner forest.

In your inner palace lives all educated, rich and powerful beings, there are in you as spiritual beings who manifest through your consciousness as positive thoughts, spiritual ideas, forgiveness, kindness, generosity… this could read surprising for those not used to esoteric view of things, but It is true, it is not “you” who is kind, generous, courage, loving people, No! in reality it is the spiritual beings who live in your inner palace who do through your consciousness.

In your inner forest live all wide animals and weak beings who manifest through your consciousness as negative thoughts and feelings. We can say for example that it is your inner mosquitoes which regrets and worries through your mind. It is your inner wild animals which gets angry, jealous, which tell lies and which hate people through you… It has never been “you” in reality.

Now you might ask yourself, if “you” are not the palace nor the forest, if “you” are not who love and who hates, then who are “you”? where are “you” positioned. Well, my friends, you are in the middle between the palace and the forest. That middle space is your consciousness. That’s through what the beings of the palace and of the forest manifest. Your consciences is something which can’t really be defined, it is very mysterious, the closest answer to that is because it is nothing like matter who we study, it has no limit, no boundaries, no forms. To be known, we “the consciousness” wear bodies.

Because with a body we can become knowable. The consciousness is like the physical brain, because the brain also is a center through which everything that happens in the whole body manifest. All biologists know that although we feel the pain in a particular part of the body, it is that part of the body which receives the pain, the brain receives the message of pain and generates the pain sensation at part of the body in question. Our invisible structure follows the same rules. See, all vibrations that generates from the etheric body, all feelings that roots from the astral body, and all thoughts which are generated in the mental body all reflects in the consciousness (the soul brain in comparison).

The wild animals of the forest.
All vibrations that don’t reach the consciousness remains in the heart of the soul which we call the subconsciousness in esoteric terms. This is to explain that there are many feelings and thoughts which are generated in our astral and mental bodies, but which don’t reach the consciousness. The consciousness develops together with the brain because they are very linked. And I would like to make it clear here, that it is not the brain which grows the consciousness but the consciousness does. As the consciousness expands the brain improves.

No machine can develop the brain in the same way the consciousness can. Because it is the consciousness which made the brain and not the contrary. We become aware of feelings and thoughts which reaches our consciousness only. Each subconsciousness is programmed to through to the consciousness the a certain type and quality of information. The subconsciousness is ruled by the law of habit, it works mechanically like a robot. And so when it get used to doing something in a particular way, it continues as long as it is not re-programmed to do otherwise. And so many from their parents education believed things which sort of programmed their subconsciousness to never do certain things.

When for example someone repetitively takes drugs, or gets angry, or offers people … the subconsciousness get programmed to continue repeating those actions, sending the same kind of thoughts and feelings or memories to the consciousness. The subconscious is the forest, it is where you find all sorts of thoughts and feelings which are in most part dangerous. Many thoughts in the subconsciousness are comparable to the wild flying insects and animals of the jungle. And many feelings of the subconsciousness are compared to the wild beast of the jungle ground and rivers. When those thoughts, feelings, desires rise up to the consciousness, the person can behaves wild and commits harmful acts which religions call sin. But when those inner animals are trained, like some wild animals have been trained in the physical world by humans, they can become very usual.

Like dogs are now living with humans in houses and helping blind people and soldiers in the army, inner animals can also be trained to behave in a particular way to help us with some day to day psychic actions. For example, you have an inner animal call dangerous anger, if instead of getting angry at people in the outside world and hurting them, you train your angry to get mad at your inner bad beings to beat them furiously; that animal can become a great help for your spiritual growth. As it will frighten all your inner little animals which would do you harm.

All bad thoughts, feelings and desires which have already reached the consciousness can be educated to behave better. You can turn anger to patience, lies to truth… and the first notice you will make out of it, is that you won’t have to consciously or willingly be patient, or tell the truth… but you will be doing that automatically with no efforts. That is the power of inner animals. They can work for us in the palace (the supra consciousness). The consciousness needs to expand, and as it expands, it receives more vibrations coming from the external and inside worlds. An expanded consciousness can receive more vibrations from the supra consciousness (the palace). “We”, the consciousness can then become aware of things happening in remote places. And we don’t have to use a body to go see and hear. We can with our will, from where we are, receive images, sounds, feelings and thoughts of things happening in almost any part of the universe. We can prepare our consciousness for a Physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual worlds awareness to experience the beauty and wisdom of God.

Let our consciousness expands and receives more spiritual vibrations, in order to learn from spiritual beings, more than we learn from the wild animals of our subconsciousness.