Contact with Gods or Entities

When you pray sincerely, your state of being caused by the respect and love alerts many invisible beings to listen. The words and emotions you emanate during prayer puts you in contact with a specific type of entity or invisible being of nature. There exist many types of entities from the dumbest to the most wise and spiritual of them. I include in that list what is commonly called angels and demons as entities as well. As living creatures they each have names which alerts them. Unlike how name are giving to humans here in the physical world, entity names each mean something, they describe their nature and have a mystic weight on them. In the sense that when you say those names, you are not only alerting the entity but you are also being affected by the power that name holds. And what is not always taken into consideration by people is that names are attached to certain physical gestures which ancient esotorics knew and used during their rituals. That is not all, those entity names are also attached to geometric signs. Which means that someone can be alerting a specific entity by simply drawing a particular sign in his mind, on the floor or in the air. Finally, citing a praying or invocation which describe the entity functions, the entity work, will also draw the entity's attention.

Many religious people address their prayer in the void when they pray. This is when they say things like "God, please help me, I'm broke, I need some cash"  . This word "God" when pronounced, doesn't necessarily mean the "Absolute God". Anyway, there is no difference between "God" and "god" when you pronounce it, is there?  . Even people who pray the evil forces call their deities "god". Sorry if I have to disappoint some of you, but this is what it is. The truth is among angels there are...

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