Learn How To Get Out And Come Back To Your Body Consciously

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Learn How To Get Out And Come Back To Your Body Consciously

If you are a human being, then know that you naturally get out of your physical body and get back to it almost every night you go to bed. Meaning that you do this unconsciously. You may not be aware that sometimes at night, you leave your sleeping physical body snoring in bed and you(the consciousness) travel the invisible worlds to visit friends and places, learn new things and get back to your physical body in the morning.

You will wonder “If I do astral project unconsciously in my sleep, why don’t I remember a thing in the morning?” That’s simply because whatever you do unconsciously can’t be remembered. Learn to become conscious during your sleep, and you should be able to remember your astral projection experiences.

There are as many benefits as risks. But the most important benefit to note for a spiritual person is that astral projection gives you the chance to help more people in a much more effective way from the astral world than in the physical would. Like you can learn to cure people from the astral world, or if you are a teacher you help some of those who need to understand things. You can go crazy as to fly through distant galaxies and higher dimensions to learn new things. This is all possible as long as your desires are pure and altruist.

Because of the risks involved to the practice of astral projections, I’ve made this course so you don’t have to go through certain difficulties, so you may travel safely and in peace.


In this course, you will learn how:

– How to be in trance state
– How to Lucid dream
– How to enter the astral world from lucid dream
– How to Separate from your body from trance state.

This course is designed for beginners who need to be taken step by step into the invisible world. You will receive lessons by email regularly. And have one-on-one chat conversation with me (the instructor) each end of the week for a month to guide you through the whole process.