Learn How To Meditate .Never Miss The Basics.

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You may have noticed that the longer we are on earth, the more issues we have to deal wit. When you just arrived on earth, as a child, life seemed so kind and easy. And as you grew up, the world around started to look different and even hostile. Has the world changed? Absolutely not, this is the same world before you were born, the world in which people worry about food, shelter, money… Welcome on earth!

The world is what it is, I mean the world around you is not the problem, it is the world within you which is the problem (worries, anxieties, emotions pains…). For a little fire, a blow of wind is a danger (problem), that little Fire fears the blow of wind. It is worried, and unhappy. But when the fire gets bigger, the same blow of wind which used to scare the hell out of it, which used to give anxieties, will no longer be a problem. The wind will blow on the fire, and the fire will just smile and get bigger. Well, you too can be that big fire which smiles where everybody is crying.

Life remains good as long as you can handle the worries, the anxieties during your stay on earth.You must know the proper way of dealing with those pains. Your type of thoughts and feelings are actually the only thing standing between you and happiness. And Meditation is that art of sorting, clearing and controlling your thoughts and feelings. Some people fight with their worries and anxieties, which is not the wise way. Show some wisdom by learning meditation as your best weapon, your protection against worries and anxieties.

But meditation isn’t just a remedy of feelings. When continually practiced and properly it goes further than that, to touch the most spiritual part of your self which is your true self. When this is achieved, your life completely changes as you discover a new you. A better version of yourself. A new identity which shares the same quality as your spiritual parents, your creator. A more advanced meditation course will get into those details.

In this course you will learn

– How to Seat down for meditation
– How to concentration
– What to think about during meditation
– How to deal with negative thoughts, anxieties and worries
– How to cultivate mindfulness during the day

Who this course is for?

This course is suitable for beginners. To anyone new to meditation, and to all those who would like to see meditation in a different aspect. All exercises and songs used for meditation have for a long been tested to be effective and have been approved by the instructor (me) and his students.