Learn How To Get Out And Come Back To Your Body Consciously

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True you can be aware that you are dreaming while dreaming. If you thought it wasn’t possible, you were wrong. It is possible to become aware of one’s dream the very moment you are dreaming.

In a lucid dream, because you know you are dreaming, you will not be carried away by the event of the dream. But you will make the dream, you will create the dream, or I would say you will control the dream fully. You move where you want to, do what you want to. You could even attempt to tell other people in the dream that they are all in a dream, but unfortunately they will not care a bit about what you are saying. In fact those those you see in your dream as simply characters of your own subconsciousness. We say that you are simply playing with your own subconsciousness.

But mind you! there are a lot of things you can learn in your subconsciousness. You can learn new skills or improve your current ones.

If you are one of those who wonder if one can actually be aware that he is dreaming, well you can verify this yourself, it’s 100% possible, easy and safe activity to do. This short course will show you how.