Learn How To Transform Your Sexual Energy Into Creative Energy

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The theory of channeling sexual energy into creative energy, commonly called Ojas in the esoteric tradition is not only ancient, real but also achievable by anyone involved into spirituality, or by anyone willing to give a tremendous meaning in his life.

Your semen holds the secret of rejuvenation. You’ve probably heard of the exile of immortal life and of the philosophical stone of alchemy. Right? Well, the realization of all that relies on the sublimation of your sexual energies. When you manage to regularly channel your sexual energies from your sexual organs to the brain, you awake the hidden potentials.

This practice is preciously long been valued, and sometimes hidden by spiritual masters, and priests for centuries as it holds the key to higher degrees of spirituality. Your sex organ is a power house of brute energies which are meant to be transformed and used to run the dead machines of your body. That energy can awake your chakras, and open your senses to communicate with the invisible world.

This course is about telling you all about it. And above all to how you how to practice the sexual sublimation. Whether you are married or solo.