Development of the 3rd Ear

A non trained mind, the mind of the majority of people is a noisy mind. So noisy that they can’t even hear themselves think. Usually a person doesn’t know about his noisy mind until he/she sits down for his first meditation; All beginners in meditation experience a restless, a noisy mind. A mind that cannot focus on one thing at a time because it jumps from one subject to another. Our spirit (the higher self) talks to us inside, but how will we be able to hear our spirit voice when we are busy making noise. The higher self voice is heard from the 3rd ear. That voice is only loud when the lower self voice becomes low! What do we do to listen to lower sounds in our home? we stop talking! we put our tv’s volume down, tell everybody to keep quiet, then only we can hear the lower sounds. So the same way we act to hear lower sounds in the outside world, the same we should do inside: we shut up and we listen!

Now, if you have no experience in meditation, try to shut up the mind, you will soon realize how hard it is to make it stop. The mind is constantly making noise, that means, it’s thinking all the time, it's its default way of thinking, which prevents us from letting the spirit talk to us; That's why in most spiritual communities it's thought to quiet the mind. The mind can be trained to behave better. Thoughts are what the mind produces. Thoughts are in our inner world what the voices are in the outside world.

And although it can be easy to stop talking with the physical mouth, it is not always easy to stop talking with the inner mouth. And this is the very first challenge of people who wish to hear their own spirit inside. Our spirit and our soul can communicate. And how does the communication goes? Just like we do down here the visible world, when we communicate w...

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