Development Of The Sacral Chakra


The sacral chakra is worth studding and experimenting, as it is mostly the one which shows complications when we’ve just started our spiritual journey. In this article, I will try and give tips which some truth seekers would wish they have known earlier in the path. Because so much of what we expect in spirituality, depends on a healthy functionality of the sacral chakra. This post aim to suggest a stable, healthy and quick development of the sacral chakra.

In my earlier post titled the 'DEVELOPMENT OF THE ROOT CHAKRA', I mentioned that 'the root chakra role is to basically push us to stay alive, by making us think of the basic needs of live: Money, Food, health, home.' So with the root chakra, nature wants us to stay alive, but with the sacral chakra it wants us to enjoy life. The root and the sacral chakra are great sources of energies without which we would all have left earth few seconds after birth.
How does the sacral chakra manifests.
The root chakra is the first chakra which begins to work on the child between 1 and 7 years old. That root chakra will fill the child with lots of energies. The child is filled with energies of self survival, the whole life of the little child turns around eating, sleeping, moving (playing), the sense of protection which actually gives him the fear of all sorts of things, ghost, fire, falls, loneliness etc. Then from around 8 years old the child starts experiencing the energies the sacral chakras more and more. From 14 years old, the sacral chakra is fully active, and the child is exposed to stronger influences of the state of sacral chakra. The 14 years old now sees the world a bit differently, as he discovers and experiences pleasures, all sorts of pleasures for which the strongest of all is the sexual pleasur...

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