Don’t judge by the cover

It’s said “Don’t judge a person by it’s appearance” much like it could be said to not judge a book by it’s cover but rather by it’s content. Reason is that the cover may be deceiving as it doesn’t always reflect the content. A person may look beautiful in appearance ( the cover) even when he/she looks horrible inside ( the content). True. The real person is far to be what he/she looks like in appearance. But then what about the content, I mean the behaviors of a person. Can we say that our content reflects who we truly are? We human have a wrong reputation today. And I’m sure animals will agree with me about what follows :Smile we are reputed to be destroyers of nature. We will kill harmony anywhere we go if it satisfies our personal needs. Is that what we really are? The worst creatures on earth?  Dodgy .

Although it may appear like we are a danger to each other and to other creature on earth. Spiritualists do have a different optimist view around this question of true nature of man. If you have nothing else to read today, I’d like to invite you for a short dive into the human soul.

[Image: nutrition-facts-of-orange-peel-561561.jpg][Image: old_book_png_by_absurdwordpreferred-d2xq9yc.png]

If it’s okay with you for me to compare human beings with fruits and books today Smile, then i propose we peel and open them to see what we find deep within. No a human is not an orange :Smile . However honestly I see a good match here ( Humans and fruits or books) . Our physical body is like the cover of a book or the skin of a fruit. Our human behaviors are like the content(the inside) of the book or the fruit. A human contains emotions and ideas. The books and fruits also contain emotions and ideas. It only take a good read of a book to realize that it contains ideas. It only takes a bite of a fruit to realize that it contains feelings. Books are read and fruits are eaten to withdraw what they posses. Now you may not have fully realized it, but we humans  read and eat each other. Yes we do. With some people, we have gotten courage, with others we have gotten inspirations. Some people are more like sweet fruits, some others are more like bitter fruits.

When we truly love someone, we actually refer to the person’s content (habits, desires, ideas…). It’s because you’ve tasted its content (his qualities and virtues), that you like him/her. So in reality we don’t like people’s cover. We like their intelligence, their courage, their sense of humor… The cover has very little to do with our likes and dislikes. Some people in life who at first looked ugly in your eyes, ended up looking to be such beautiful creatures in your eyes, because you’ve spent enough time with them to have tasted their kindness, their generosity and ideas. When you know a fruit is sweet, it won’t matter the cover, you will peel it and eat it :Smile . But if the person looses its nice flavor (his good habits and good qualities), if he/she becomes a bitter fruit, people run away. See what happens when a very nice and kind person dies, friends stay away from his corpse :Smile , the same friends who used to be close to him/her when he/she was still alive, will be standing kilometers away from the dead body Smile, they will even be afraid to touch him in the coffin  Smile  . Why? :Smile because they subconsciously know that the content of their friend is left that body. Proof that they really never liked the body, but rather the content.

The influence we have on people around us (whether negative or positive) is all thanks to our content. It’s therefore important to manage it. We may not have to say anything to prove how our content is great or how it is bad, because that content manifests itself, it speaks for itself. The cover may be deceiving, but the content doesn’t lie. If you have a bad content ( strong vices ), people will see it. If you have a good content, people will notice it. In fact the more you want to hide your content, the more it will tend to reveal itself. Even God who apparently has many covers in the universes, can still be felt .

From a spiritual point of view, a human being content has two parts. A negative and a positive parts. This whole content is commonly referred as the human soul. In a symbolic term, you may view the human soul as the moon. A symbolic drawing of the moon shows two parts: a white part and a dark part. The white part represents our good content, the dark part represents our bad content. So some people look like a waxing moon ( becoming more positive in life), some others look like a waning moon ( becoming bitter, and worse ). Many also look like a new moon ( dark within, all negative, black magic driven and all that Huh ). But few people do look like the full moon ( Manifesting most of spiritual qualities and virtues, and warming and bring some light to people in the dark Angel ).

Our content, our human soul is therefore the cause of most of our good or bad doing on earth. A murderer, a criminal as bad as he may look, is done all the bad actions because of the type of content he has. And like the moon changes to different phases. A criminal or any apparently bad person may change. It’s good news, isn’t it. Anyone has then a chance to change if he really wants and does something to change. In fact everything in material nature is subject to change. But everything don’t change at the same rate. It’s important to note here that the content doesn’t resist change. Content changes quicker than the cover. The content time moves faster than the cover’s. The content could get old and  rotten quicker than the cover. The inside of a fruit will even get bad before its skin. The pages of a book could get worse in time before its strong cover. The moon will move and get older faster than earth. That’s what nature tells us. We have the chance to change within quicker than we can change outside. You may not manage to make the world a paradise in your life time, but you can definitely make a paradise in a short time within you, because our content( our world within) is flexible, it can be change any time. We may move from worse to bad, from bad to good, and from good to better. Nature allows it.

Never judge a person by its cover. True. But maybe also don’t judge by the content.Because the real person is not the content neither. The real person is buried deep in the content. The real person is at the center of the content. The real person is beyond the cover and the content. Just like with my examples of books and fruits. The value of a book is found in its pages. Its value is found in between the writings and images. Or is it really a book if its writings don’t contain any meaning? Is it a fruit if it doesn’t contain a seed?

The real person is found at the center of his content. The real person is beyond his actions, feelings, desires, needs, behaviors, bad habits, good habits. The real person is far buried within, like the seed in a fruit. Deep within we are God’s like. We are spiritual, we are pure.We are none of what people say of us here on earth. People may only see and judge our cover and content generally. Someone seems to be the dumbest person in the society, remove his bad content (or make it as transparent as if it doesn’t exist), and you should meet the true person, the genius. So the next time you receive a blame, the next time you are taken for a fool, accused, mistreated, called names etc… remember that they are not talking to you directly, but to your cover and contents only. You are neither the cover nor the content. So they cannot touch you.

Think of your covers and contents as cloths. You wear them and meet people out there. It’s normal that they may get dirty and be torn. And you normally do not cry when that happens right? it’s just a cloth, it can get dirty. When you get home, you can remove the damaged cloths, wash them and replace them. In the same way, there is no reason to feel affected emotionally by the bad things people in the society could say or do to you, because they are only touching your cloths. The real you is naked. The same way we deal with cloths, we should undress and wash our personal content ( feelings, thoughts) during meditation. During meditation, you can undress, peel your cover, digest your content until you find the seed (your true self).

Love and light.