All our animal-like behaviors can actually and should be sublimated, so we may see significant changes in our nature. Otherwise we remain close to the caveman type of person. In that sense, Anger can be sublimated to patience, violence to gentleness, plain pleasure to Joy... In other words, it's about rising our vibrations frequencies up, our emotions, desires, thoughts should get finer and finer. But the sexual energy is such a strong energy which needs a particular attention for it is the wildness of all. Some spiritualists picture the sexual energy like a wild horse which keeps throwing you off its back every time you try to use it. But once you've managed to tame it, the horse is calm and it is now yours.Indeed, every bit of sublimated sexual energy truly becomes yours. In the sense that your whole system, physical and psychic system will benefit from it. There are actually 2 important level of energies in the semen:First the physical part (the liquid part), when sublimated, it changes into a better organic substance which can be absorbed in the bloodstream from the urinary bladder. Once in the blood, the blood now contains more nutriments enough to boost your physical strength. This is why in sports atheists would be advised to not ejaculate few hours or days before the tournament. This first level of energy has a direct boost effect on the sex organ itself, on all the muscles and the vocal cords, and the brain nerves. The quality of this energy will eventually become etheric and will join the root chakra for a reservoir. This quality of energy is felt like a plain pleasure most would get from sex. It may contains no passion, no intimacy feelings, just physical pleasure. Sometimes even accompanied with violence, brutality. Which explains why its frequency vibrati...

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