It's a well known fact among spiritualists that earth is a school. It's obvious since we are all learning on earth. The question is what are we exactly learning from it? Earth is called a school because we are to be educated in here. I like that image of school; it describes very well how earth deals with souls and their purpose. From the analogy of school, we can tell what is the purpose of a human being on earth. See, a school is not only filled with stupid people! You will find pupils , but also teachers.

All souls who come down here on earth do not have the same purpose. Notice that there are more pupils in a school than teachers; So the purpose for most souls on earth is to learn how to know themselves, (their higher selves), who they really are. Only some few souls have the purpose to teach other souls how to do that. But the majority of us are here to learn.Planet earth itself is in a schoolJust like a human being, Earth is also in a school, its school is the solar system where it has its experiences and evolves as a planetary consciousness. Earth do have a soul, because in that solar system, it moves, thinks and feels. And just like our feelings and thoughts are not visible to others, the thoughts and feelings of earth planet are also not too visible to other planets.

However its actions (moves) are visible to other planets. And what are the actions, thoughts and feelings of earth? Earth turning around the sun and around itself is its actions. Earth's atmosphere are its thoughts and earth's oceans are its feelings. From the space, the atmospheres (clouds) takes different shapes all the time, and based on the gathering of clouds and their position, some part of the oceans and continents becomes visible . The picture that earth shows of its atmosph...

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