Exploring the visible world

The physical world or visible world is the well known world, we can all touch, hear, feel the matters. The invisible world is usually what people will doubt the existence about, and sometimes even worse, we may not have any idea of what it is like, or what we can find there. Well in this post, I’d like to introduce the invisible world (or inner world) and see why it is such of an interest to mystics.

What is the invisible world
That world which we don’t seem to touch or see and that doesn’t seem real, is in fact more real and more important than the visible physical world. Because the invisible is in fact the result of the invisible; in order words, the physical world is only a product of the invisible world. Or we can say the visible world is the solid version of the invisible world which is subtle. The visible world evolves by following the lines that exists in the invisible world. Everything that is visible was first invisible, or I would say it all existed in the invisible world before it appears in the visible world. If something doesn’t exist in the invisible world, it can’t exist in the physical world. Everything that man has come up with in technology, in medicine, in art, all came from that invisible world. Which also means, we do not in fact invent things we simply take our inspirations from the invisible world.

You could say “So if humans also come up with bad ideas like creating weapons and nuclear booms, that means the invisible world is not spiritual?”, It's true and false. True the invisible world is not entirely spiritual. As you know in the visible world you find bad areas, poor countries, violent people and some other parts are rich, peaceful, etc, that’s because the invisible world also has countries, or areas, some bad and some others good. It...

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