Food for Entities

To survive, to keep living, any being need to feed. All being do feed. From minerals to divinities. All feeds. We human feed of solid materials, some water and air. hamburgers, big mac, Mag and cheese, vegetables, what have you :Smile :Smile    That's what food is for us.  But there are other kinds of food as well.

In many traditions, especially in the part of Africa I grew up, it's common to offer material food to "spirits". Even in the old traditions around the world, material foods were offered to gods, as sacrifice or as a sign of worship they say. Our ancestors knew the real reason of the offering of flowers and animals and sometimes. Today's people have lost the core reasons of such offering. That's because those old practices were carried over so many generations that they are now practiced mechanically as rituals. It is dangerous to do things we don't know much about. People who offer any kind of food to so called "spirits" do not always know to who exactly they are offering the food to. Many of them believe that the "spirits" somehow magically eat the actual food they give them.

How many have questioned, why so many flowers at the cemetery and in the church. Do the dead or the "spirits" AKA the entities feed of flowers? Obviously not. In reality, the entities are not after the food we human offer them. They are after the emanation of those food. In the case of flowers, it is the odors they are after. I'm not a clairvoyant, but I can tell you this. Gardens are very much visited by entities because of the amount of great smell of perfume in them. So it is good to keep in mind that it's not the actual flowers we are offering to the "spirits", it is the smell of it. Evil spirits are attracted to bad smells, and good spirits of nature are attracted to good sme...

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