In normal life, we communicate with humans. Through this communication friendships and relationship are made. Then we help each other. That’s so good isn’t it. Otherwise who doesn’t need some help in life? Unfortunately not all of us know that friendship can go beyond visible beings, that there exist invisible creatures among us which are willing to help us in so many ways. But for them to help us, a contact, a communication must first be made.

The easiest way to get in contact with the invisible beings is by saying their names. It is a direct contact when you know the exact name of the entity. Entities like to be appreciated. They work a lot day and night to help to settle harmony in nature. Some of them take care of plants, some others take care of the weather, some others among them are not active but wait for commands… We humans have that selfish habit of not appreciating the work they do in nature for us. We are too arrogant to think that we are the main and only important beings on this planet, and whatever is invisible which the official science can’t study, doesn’t count for us . We fools in the eyes of higher beings.

Anyway.... A contact can be made by simply saying the following example more often : “Entities of nature, I appreciate your work, thank you very much. I love you”, even better if you know the name of entities you are trying to become friends with. This way, you will say for example “hello Sylphs, entities of air, I appreciate your work, thank you very much, I love you”.

Greeting and appreciating their work more often, will make you invisible friends easily. They have ways to give that love back. I don’t really need to tell you how they will manifest that love back to you, because it is going to be too obv...

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