Would you call someone if you knew the person is not close enough to hear you? And above all, would you feel the necessity to call them if you knew they were not fit to help you with your request? You would surely answer NO, right?. 

Then why think that when a person dies, he can now help his living family better. If so, then maybe we should make quick and die, so that from the invisible world we can help our friends and family who are here in the physical world. 🙂 . That’s suicide!  Our fellow dead humans are in a different dimension with its different rules. And what we call the higher spiritual beings or angelic beings in christian religion have their home in the invisible world. Then ask yourself, with their great virtues and power, why cannot they help us humans permanently? Because they are rules, certain laws in the way making this difficult. 

Contact with the deads is possible just like it is possible to make contact with native invisible souls dwelling in the invisible world. The contact is easier with souls which are near the physical plane. And it is very difficult or at least it requires a certain mind frequency change to be able to contact the beings in higher planes ( meaning those dwelling in regions of the universe where vibrations are much much higher than ours). This is to say that help exists. There is help in higher regions. There is a reason for hope, there is a reason for praying. But at the same time, we should not omit the fact that this hope is more realistic to those who change their vibrations to resonate with the spiritual beings. What I am trying to say is that the real help we need is not close, it is higher. I am also trying to suggest to simply focus on evolving, becoming better and better in order to reach that help, in order to contact the right invisible beings. 

It is a mistake to believe that dead people are all grouped in the same place in the invisible plane. Although they go past the same regions, some last longer in certain regions than others. Taking more time in a particular region in invisible world simply means that the person subtle body is taking a bit longer to disintegrate there. As some of us already know, we are only consciousness, but our consciousness gathers matter (body) around itself to manifest in a particular region of the universe. When one type of matter dies, our consciousness withdraws to the next more subtle matter (body) to keep expressing itself.

This is why even when we sleep – which is a small death- our consciousness will mostly continue expressing itself through the astral body. At death, most people exist for a long time in their astral body. But this subtle body is also subjected to die (decompose, disintegrate) sooner or later. Then the consciousness (the real dead person) will find itself in the mental body. And this progress into higher regions will not be over until all these material bodies all die. Then only the dead may return back to the physical world,  or even not depending on his/her current evolution. 

Each subtle body does not decompose as quickly as the physical body. Each body is made of 7 layers.  There are 4 difficult layers to decompose ( linked to the 4 elements) and 3 clean layers which become the heaviest matter type of our next subtle body. But to save you from too much details, lets just say that the dead people go through a purification process, which is nothing but the death of each of those subtle bodies. And also, each subtle body may take more or less time if the person built clean subtle bodies through purification practices or acts during his physical life time.

It generally takes 40 days before the purification process starts for the dead people. Before the 40 days, the dead people are walking in an invisible region closest to ours. Esoteric may call it the <>. The dead people here cannot really tell, or differentiate, if they are dead or not. Because everything looks the same as in the physical world, they can see the living people, and all objects around which you an I still alive can see.

Those who can consciously astral travel and who have met just deceased people, have noticed how disoriented (lost) they can become in their first days of new life.  The reason why we have 40 days wondering period is because of the state of our etheric body that is slowly decomposing, or leaving our dead physical body day by day. Our etheric body is what gives life to our physical body. And the reason why the body decomposes slowly day by day, is actually because of the slow leaving of the etheric body off the physical body. 

During this 40 days period, the dead can be contacted, and there is no good or bad about it. You can chat, to share information or to say bye. It is just foolish to contact the one who is just dead to ask him/her favors. 🙂 . Poor dead guy, he/she just needs some guidance to understand his/her new situation! Also the crying we make is not to help the dead in any way, it is for ourselves, because it is difficult to see a fellow friend, partner or family member go. It is absolutely normal, we are humans, we have emotions.

After the 40 days, some circumstances I don’t have to expose can make the dead people stay longer in this region close to the physical plane. Otherwise their consciousness naturally move on the buffer region where by his consciousness goes through a process called Kamaloka. Then continues moving up as time goes in higher regions.

Id like to emphasize  the fact that we ( our consciousness) move on, but we leave behind a body which takes some time to decompose. Just like we leave a physical body decomposing in the grave when our consciousness is moved on in the astral world. We leave a subtle body behind which decomposes by itself while our consciousness has already moved on to the next planes. We call this a shell. For the physical body we would say it is  a corpus.

I’m detailing all this to make you see for yourself how deceiving it can be to think that we are contacting our dead friend or family member who died long ago. The shell may stay behind for quite a long time in the astral world but the real person is absent. Just like you may find bones in the grave, while the real person is no longer there.

There is however a connection between the real person (consciousness) and the remaining (the shell). In a way that the real person progresses slower in the higher regions if his/her shell is being used by some bad people trying to revive it and use it for your own needs, by some occult means. That is one reason why burning a physical body of the dead was known to be an effective way of freeing the person from any misuse by the bad witches. Worse if the etheric body has not fully gone out of the physical body ( meaning when the 40 days have not passed yet), occult organization may find use for such a shell (or even the bones).

I am aware of a  spiritual community where the master died, it was only announced the disciples 40 days after his dead. Even in politics, there are cases where media was used to hide the death of some important individuals, making people believe that the person is in the hospital for many days fighting for his life while he is already long dead. 

Most of reports of people who have seen their grand father or grand grand, grand…. mother, are just shells of the deads. The astral shell, is real but it is only subconscious, Not self conscious. It simply act and reacts exactly like your long dead parent but it is not the real parent. That shell is the memory of the dead parent. Therefore it can tell you about his life, about your life when you were together alive. It can even do reasoning like it used to when still in the physical world. But it cannot be creative.

So next time you see your grand grand father, verify if it is really him, ask him a question which requires creativity. If he cannot answer you, it is definitely not him.  My point here to that we actually don’t contact the long time dead people but only their shells. And we do not help the dead people by contacting their invisible shells. Those shell must be left alone to decompose so that the real person in higher regions may move on freely.
Or maybe we just have to leave the dead people alone 🙂 .

And we should focus here and try to evolve. Especially in terms of ancestors, 99% chances are they are already reincarnated. Think about it, we are our ancestors. Once the world have understood that dead people cannot really help us and that we actually make their process harder by trying to contact them, then maybe superstitions around the subject will go, and maybe the dead people will thank us . Until then we are just pissing them off 🙂

There are in the invisible world many subconscious creatures, beings close to our worlds, created to serve, assist the visible world. To them our day to day prayers about food, money, pleasure and shelter goes naturally. They are even more willing to help when we consciously call them. There are ways to call the entity which provides what you want, but it does not come freely, so Id suggest you call the spiritual beings to bring to you what you need the most, love and wisdom, which only costs your own vices sacrifice. The rest of needs can be found here on earth.

Love and light