Mind reading is not just a theory, it is a fact. Your mind is able to hear other people’s mind. Generally easy when those mind are at the same frequency (usually if you really know each other). Otherwise, It requires a bit of mind training to be able to switch ones mind to different frequencies all the time in order to hear any types of mind in front of you. And that is made easy when you develop your throat and solar plexus chakras.

There is also what we can call “Aura sensing”, that is what you experience sometimes when you can read people through their faces, feelings and voices. Some people however have a third hear activated so they can actually hear voices in the head (usually low voice but very clear). That voice seems to sound at that center of the head, it doesn’t always have the person’s tone, but rather sounds like your own voice, but strangely you always find out whose that thought? It’s a phenomenon I’ve never quite managed to understand, it is pretty much like when you are in a metro train or bus full of people, and then someone farts next to you, you happen to know who exactly farted (Sorry if disgusting, I couldn’t find a better example). Now understand that for many “mind readers” it can be difficult to receive/read a thought than it is for them to send. So what you often come across is people who will send you signals (thoughts suggestions) which you will perceive as your own thoughts. Then here is the trick: I send you a strong thought which suggests you to do something, and I tell you verbally “You are thinking of doing that action”, won’t that make you believe that I’ve just read your mind, While in fact I’ve just sent that exact thought to you. Those who do receive any kind of mind thoughts are usually advanced i...

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