If you ever thought that our prayers are never heard, you are mistaken. But why some of them are not fulfilled is another question whose explanation following in this post.

Spiritual beings are alerted by all praying addressed to God in general. And the most appropriate beings are those who will take care of your request. But they are not obliged to make your wish come true. They will examine your request, and if it doesn't meet the spiritual requirements, it will be thrown in the bin.

Understand that there are lost of creatures in the universe whose responsibility is to help the mankind, because mankind is meant to become the dwelling house of the Divine. The start (the divine) and the end (the mankind) must meet in the course of time. So those spiritual creatures out there fill the natural push to help. They are not stupid, they are even wiser than humans. We can't fool them by faking a cry to get what we want. They will fulfill your request only if it goes with the universal standards. Which are those standards for prayers?

First, all personal prayers don't interest the spiritual world. When our lower self wishes things, the spiritual world hears but ignores most of the time. Until it (our lower self) starts to also include other people in the prayer, then yes, they (the spiritual beings) start to pay attention, and will start to immediately look for ways to help you.

Here is an example. Say you want to become rich. This is a selfish request. So they don't help you. But say that you want to become rich so all the people around you can get food, cloths etc. Then yes, they will see through your personal request an opportunity to help many people through you. Now here is a spiritual prayer. Say you want t...

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