Life after death

Life and death, here are what we have to deal with in our existence.
we all live and we all die, so we all are concerned about this question of life and death.and because we all have died many times in our existence (past lives), the truth about life after death was then revealed to us.

What is the astral body
So that you can understand me in what is following, it's important to know the structure of a human being, at least what the astral body is. Here's in short what I mean by astral body. The astral body is the double of the physical body, a clone if you want, the image of the physical body. The astral body and the physical body look very much the same, the difference is that one is visible (physical body) and the other one invisible ( astral body). They are called bodies because we as consciousnesses use them as vehicle to work in the world those those bodies are, for example, you use the physical body in the physical world, right? then you use the astral body in the astral world. the physical body contains the astral body and just like the physical body, the astral body also contains other bodies you will use in other higher worlds, but I won't go any further for now as there's no much to say about the astral body, and that's it in short.

Are we still conscious when we die?
Consciousness doesn't know death, as it's what we inherit from God. consciousness is the eternal presence. if everything is removed from the universe or the universe itself, what will remain is consciousness. when consciousness enters the mental body, you can think, when it enters the astral body, you can now feel, and when it enters the physical body, you can make actions with your physical body.

Someone is said to be dead when he has lost consciousness in the physical body, we do n...

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