More about Pranayama

I would like to give some key details about the pranayama exercise. This is to help those who are doing it, to try and do it better for their own profit.

First of all Breathing in a mechanical way doesn't help a lot, Pranayama is an exercise that needs to be done consciously. we need to know what we are doing here, that's how we get the most result out of prana ( the same for most spiritual exercises).

Breathing In and Holding the air
When we hold back air in our lungs during pranayama, Prana ( the universal energy) is subtracted from air and enters the blood. You should now understand why the pranayama practice requires you to hold the breath for a certain amount of time, this is to help the lung organ to take Prana air and send it to your blood circulation. so the longer you can hold the air in your lungs the better.

Then once prana is in your blood, your whole being start to be effected, that prana can now travel together with the blood in all areas of your body. and everywhere the prana goes, it sets harmony. The result is that you feel healthy and above all your brain can work better, why? because our brain is among all organs the one who feeds more of prana.
Also when prana enters the blood, the heart, it affects our feelings too. because blood is very much related to our feelings, in other words, blood is the physical form of our feelings. Those who can see the Aura, will tell you that a human being is seen permanently surrounded by colors, colors formed with light. and when we are emotional, angry for example, the colors turn into dark red, or when we love, the colors turns into bright red, or green if that love is extraordinary. So you see how red and green colors are the blood of our invisible bodies (our inner world); and that invisible blood is li...

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