They may not all call it heaven, but most religions believe in a form of heaven. The world of gods and spirits. A perfect world where there is no sufferance, no evil. It's also been referred as paradise in common language. A place where people "with no sins or impurities" are supposed to go. It's then no doubt that heaven is good news to everyone who believe or knows that there is life after death. It's normal that many people join religion to try and win heaven some day after death. All religious people want to go to heaven, but ironically, not everyone want to go there soon. : . How many would want to die already to go heaven? : . All are not ready for it. And why? Because despite its absence of sufferance and all the goodness it has to offer, many of those people sense that it's going to be boring there . And they are not totally wrong. I'll explain.

Unless we are prepared for heaven, heaven is indeed going to be boring. Spiritualists, truth seekers, initiates, all agree with the existence of heaven. Well, most of them refer to it as the spiritual worlds ( the heavens). The esoteric science speaks of spiritual worlds as the invisible higher regions of vibrations in the universe where we find evolved beings. Because those regions are beyond the astral and mental plans ( where pain, mistakes is a reality), our consciousness experiences a complete peace, happiness when it reaches this higher regions. What does it mean? That's means there is no lower desires, no gross needs, no earthly daily thoughts, and so once we are in the higher worlds, we won't be smoking, drinking, kissing, bullying, making fun of people, making business, buying stuff... because the source of all those needs and desires are not there. Those are in the lower regions of the mental world, astral w...

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