The 4 Elements of the nature

For Magic, Here's a topic that will bring about others. So we can deep more and more into it.
The knowledge of the 4Elments gives ways to play with anything called matter, in other words to perform magical things inside of us and outside. Let me start with few questions.

What are 4Elements of the nature?
Fire, water, Air, Earth.

The 4 elements forms what we call Matter.
the real 4 Elements of nature are not visible to the physical Eye, those are pure form of matter, as they are in the higher plans. Now what about the the Fire, water, Air, earth we see here on earth? Those are the shape those 4 elements takes in the physical world.

In the beginning, From Ether came out Fire and Water.
then the combination of both ( fire and water) created Air.
then the combination of the three Elements ( Fire, Water and Earth) created the Earth Element.

In Ether are 2 kind of Energies, One positive and another negative. Every time there was combination of the 2 Energies, an Element was created. So each Element like their Father Ether, also has 2 polarities. a positive and a negative.
If there's too much of positive energy in that combination, we get Fire.
If there's too much of negative energy in the combination, we get Water.
and if there is balance of both energy in the combination, we get Air
so now we know how Elements are created.

You can learn a lot from the physical elements we live with everyday.
Have you notice that those elements are the same one thing.
Look at the fire of a candle, it's very much like water falling in reverse.
And water pouring like Fire in reverse. The Electricity wants to move up and the magnetism want to move down.
Elements can change into another Element. For example when you expose water to a great heat.
that water transform...

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