The degree of love

Physical temperature can be defined by the change or level of the heat degree. The higher the degree, the higher the temperature. and more the heat. The lower the degree, the lower the temperature and more it’s cold.
Temperature is the expression of love. heart is love at its higher degree, and hatred is love at its lower degree.
Love and Hate are both same energies but at a different degree.

Temperature transforms, it all depends on the degree ; and water is the element the most quickly influenced by temperature.
If you expose ice to the heat, it starts to melt, then that water exposed to about 100 degree will start to fly in the air (to boil).
Heat will free the molecules of the water but cold will take their freedom away.

Our heart, I mean our feelings, our desires and emotions (our astral body) is composed of invisible matters similar to water (fluid). So if water can be cold or hot, our heart can also be either cold(sadness, disappointed, hateful, selfish…) or hot(loving, happy, bliss, ready for virtue actions). Depending on the degree of temperature you are either unhappy or happy, cold or hot.

Now how do you warm up, how do you keep the happiness?
Like does the planet earth, it faces the sun heat every day, or like does disciples, they go meet the masters to receive some love. Or like do children, they sit with their parents for some attention. When you stop doing that, when you stop facing the spiritual sun heat, you start to get colder and colder until you can’t move anymore(spiritually dead). If you face the spiritual heat every day, your temperature will rise day by day, and you stay happy most of the time.That is the secret of the happiness: connecting to the spiritual heat every day.

Remember happiness is a high temperature, a higher state of being. so like the physical temperature, you need heat, sun or fire to warm up. So you actually need to know your sources of happiness. But even with choosing what sources will make you happy, you need to be careful. As a source that does not give you a feeling and desires of God, is not a very good source, it does not generate lots of heat. A disciple, a real one, is a great example of a source of spiritual heat. when you spend some time with a real disciple, it’s very much like you were close to a fire, warming you up. His words inspire you, encourage you, makes you want to develop yourself more, read more, exercise more. That is the power of love. And he doesn’t need to say anything to make people feel that way. Everywhere he goes, he affects people with his inner temperature, because the temperature is contagious. And people affected by his love are surprise to notice that their worries and disappointment have lost importance. They will even find it easy to do virtue actions. Now the same way you have people full of heat, who warms you, you also will find people full of ices inside them, who will make you cold, you spend 5mins with them and you loose all your inspirations, your hope, your courage, your faith, your will to exercise, everything in you just turn into Ice.

Great spiritual masters are greater sources of the heat, but many other things could be a source as well, as long as they give you a higher temperature. From about 40 to 100 degree, is a good temperature, but if that source gives less heat, down to 0 degree, you will die of coldness ( unhappiness). Some Music for example can take you to that range of 40 to 100 degree of spiritual heat, and some other will take you down to -100 degree. There are also images, letters (books), smells, tastes, meditations, prayers, auto-suggestions … You will know when something is a spiritual source if it reminds you of God, or brings spiritual feelings to your consciousness.

I would have more to say about the degrees of the heat, there are precious truths hidden behind it we can use for our development, for example we all know that water boil at 100 degree, but we also know that it is not always the case, because in the mountain, water will boil at less than 100 degree, it could boil at 90 degree. So in the mountain water will boil quicker. It’s clear then that spiritual people who are compared to mountains receives love (happiness, Joy) quicker than normal people. Yes the more you are spiritual, the more it’s easy to get happy. And that can also be explained, since the influence of the atmosphere (thoughts) in the mountains(spiritual humans) has less pressure on water (feelings, desires). But let me develop more on that in a future topic.

Those things that warms you spiritually are connected to the spiritual heat somehow. Disciples, masters, truth seekers or religious who warms peoples take that heat from the higher self. We all can decide to warm others by becoming great fires, to whom people will come to get warm. And to be able to do that, we need to connect more and more to the higher degree of spiritual heat constantly, I would even say every day. Because that’s how the inner temperature rises, then you can be sure that wherever you go, you will change the temperature of that place, removing tears and sadness feelings, and installing a desire for God, a desire to learn, to study, to look for light, to exercise, you will be able to warm people around you that way even without saying one word; Because love is magic, Love changes. Isn’t that a good way of helping?

Wish love and light to all.