The initiate first looks for the contact aspect in a prayer. Because it is the contact which allows the flow of energy into our human soul. And this is done by simply directing our attention to the entity or God while speaking (prayer) or listening to it ( meditation). In the esoteric studies, it has been noted that it usually takes about 5 min at least to get in contact with some invisible entity during a prayer or meditation. But once the contact is established, time turns into instance. The person can therefore gets in contact with the entity just as he starts saying the name of the entity. Those who pray regularly can testify how quickly they can feel better, just as they begin to pray.

Even the simple fact of calling the entity name connects you to it, and a flow of energy of the entity already starts to manifest in the soul. Kabbalah is well known system to have reveled the different names of God, and which the spiritualist can pronounce and repeat as a mantra to get in contact with a specific aspect of God: There is a name of God which invoke his Love, another which invoke his wisdom, another which invoke virtues ... The contact made using those names modifies the person's soul vibrations and changes him. Praying God In general, the ordinary people don't have much knowledge of the spiritual hierarchy and the laws of communication. So they tend to believe that they get directly in contact with God during their prayers. But the reality is that there is an unbelievable great hierarchy of spiritual beings standing in between us and the source, God. Also to help with a better view, instead of picturing the source (God) positioned up there, in a vertical line, rather picture the source positioned at the center which found on the horiz...

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