The practice of auto observation

It is important to learn how to release the negative thoughts which comes into our aura, in our mental field.

Blocking a negative thought doesn’t help in getting rid of that thought. Blocking a thought is a mental action which only puts the thought aside, but that thought goes no far away from your mental body. It will still be there in your mental field. That means the blocked thought doesn’t leave you completely even if it seems like it is no longer present in the screen of your consciousness. The blocked thought automatically joins the sub consciousness zone of your mental body, where it will wait the appropriate moment for it to come to the surface of your consciousness again. This is how the same thoughts come back again and again to our consciousness. How many times an anxious thought has gotten stuck in the mind, repeating many time in our mind, even when we willingly remove it?

We all understand that it doesn’t help to have negative thoughts neither during daily activities or during our meditation sessions. But that should not be the reason for us to brutally try to get rid of them by blocking them. Let’s get rid of them, fine! but doing this wisely would be the thing to do. When blocking the thought, you are putting the thought in a mental cage, and that thought will soon get out of that cage as soon as you lose your vigilance. This could even happen while you are sleeping. If you for example block sexual mental images you might have running in your mind, they will try and come back when you sleep, and you will call it an impure dream. This is no real dream, it is just your brain memory of the thoughts which happened while you the consciousness were away from your body. Why put the negative thought in your mental prison, when you could actually throw ...

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