The process of self development – Initiation Road Map

A self development road map

The esoteric tradition tell that there exists an hierarchy in the universe, a ladder, an order which goes from gods to physical atoms. We can also find this truth in many religions. Like Jacob's Ladder in Christianity.

Each kind of being is positioned in that ladder based on its evolution.
It goes from the most perfect beings to the most not perfected ones. We can classify them in the following order: from Deities, great masters, disciples, ordinary humans, animals, plants, stones and minerals, molecules and then atoms. All those beings in that hierarchy together form the one spirit (God) which/who manifests at different degrees, and in different planes of existence. We can illustrate this manifestation degrees of manifestation of God, with the image of the white sun light. Like today official science know, the white sun light is made of 7 colors. Those different colors are nothing but the different degrees in which light can manifest. In that regard, Purple light for example is compared to Deities, indigo compared to masters, blue to disciples, green to ordinary humans, animals and plants, yellow to plants, orange to stones and minerals, red to molecules and atoms. And so, just like all 7 colors of light form the one color : white. All kinds of beings in the existence form only one being: God. Then like all 7 colors are in the white light, all beings which ever exist are all in God. So from this point of view, a human being is just one of those different versions of God. A human is one of those lower degrees (versions) of God.

From the beginning of the existence, God divided himself into different degrees (different version of himself), so that he could be found at different level of life in the creation. But in his lower degrees...

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