Indeed, it can be hard to tell what came first between 2 opposites. Both darkness and light depend on each other. One makes us aware of the other. Thanks to light we know darkness, thanks to darkness we know light. If there is light, it is because there is darkness somewhere. And if there is darkness it is because there is blocked light somewhere. Light proves the existence of darkness and darkness proves the existence of light. A symbolic representation of light and darkness would be respectively our higher nature and lower nature. If the lower nature exists it's because there is a higher nature somewhere being blocked. If we speak of the higher nature it's simply to distinguishes it from the lower nature. Light and darkness to my opinion are 2 realities of the same thing.

If for a moment you take that thing for a coin with 2 sides : "head and tail". Those 2 are inseparable in the world of time and space. At one moment you can see you "Head" and the other moment you can see "Tail" but even so, you still know that the reason why you see one side is thanks to the other side humble enough to hide so the other side can dominate. So what is first between "Head" and "Tail"? Did the creator of a coin make one side of the coin first than the other side? No both side of the coin are made together during coin creation. Impossible to have a coin with one side only, Or it wouldn't be a coin anymore.

Same with the day and night,  representation of light and darkness. They are both 2 periods of the same thing "The day". One day is made of a "Day" and a "Night". Even in the case of human being. A human was not created male or female. It was created both. Any being came to existence hermaphrodite. Then in time and space the split of energies occurred. But even later af...

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