What is a thought?

A question you probably have asked yourself at least once in life. If you haven’t yet, it’s okay. When you are more curious, you sure will. In fact all spiritualist have asked this question. And you know why? Because they need to resolve questions around this subject to make significant progress in spirituality.

What is a thought? It’s simply your perception of what you see, touch, sense, touch… You have a thought about all the things you have experienced in life. You may or not share the same thought, you may not have the same view about everything with everybody. And the core reason for that is your level of consciousness. I hope I haven’t lost you yet? Stay awake, I’ll be as straight to the point as possible.

And so, a thought is just the way you perceive something. From your mind, you will give that something words or an image. So it’s your understanding of an experience which is translated into mental  words and images. Isn’t it what you call thought? All those mental chat chat you make in your mind, and the images?

Thoughts are just your translation of your your understanding ( understanding of an experience)  into words and images. Because it’s just a mental interpretation of what you see, hear, touch… that means you may not have thoughts if you stop interpreting the things you experience, right? Meaning it’s possible for a moment to stop having thoughts. In fact for having spent some time with spirits of nature, I noticed that they don’t have thoughts like we do. And so I would agree that higher beings of the spiritual world, do not have thoughts like we do. Thoughts are a human thing.

Is it getting clear?  It could all be already clear to the more advanced spiritual readers. But  I’m trying to help those who need clarity on this matter. It’s crucial if we want to understand such a subject for it helps to make changes in ones inner life and even the life around us. What we say to ourselves and to the people around us, the advice we give them are based on our perception of life. What we give around are actually our thoughts. And depending if you have wrong perception, you may be feeding bad thoughts to yourself and the people around you. And so the world will slowly turn into how you view the world.

Even if we don’t see thoughts, you can agree that they exist and can do as much good as bad. Thoughts are the product of your understanding, so they are just matter. Yes just a different type of matter. We call it mental subtle matter. Probably the most subtle matter. It’s matter for it can change. Anything which changes is matter. The quality of a thought can then be compared to the quality of any other matter. Its quality depends on the conditions where it grow up and to the things which influenced it.

The quality of thoughts depends on many factors, but it mostly and first depends on your level of consciousness. Sorry I have no choice now. I have to touch the consciousness subject a little. 🙂 . But again, bear with me, I will try keep it simple for you.

When you hear about the consciousness, just think of it as the only thing which never changes. Think of it as that unknown thing which is really you. That part of you which has always been the same, unchanged while growing up. Haven’t you noticed that thing in your which doesn’t seem to change? your awareness, that doesn’t change. That thing which observes, which experiences, that inner eye. It has been the same ever. However your interpretation of everything you’ve seen has quite changed as you grew up. When you were a child you thought so and now you think so anymore, you feel you have a better view about things. All those views are thoughts rooting from you ” the consciousness”.

But as you can notice, there are different level of consciousness. As you make progress inside, your consciousness sorts of grows, expands. This change of the consciousness is not to be compared to the change of matter. Like I said earlier, consciousness doesn’t change. It doesn’t change in terms of nature and quality like matter does. But it can expand and sync with the universal consciousness ( I’m not going to elaborate on the universal consciousness, let’s not create a rabbit hole now please 🙂 ) . So your consciousness expanding is what spiritualist refer to as levels of consciousness.

Here is an image to tell you understand better this deal between the consciousness and thoughts 🙂 . Take the consciousness as a 10 storied house. Your view of the outside from the first story house level, is not the same as the view you have at the 10th story.  Am I right, or Am I right? 🙂 . You have no choice in that question 🙂 . But you see the point. The more you spiritually reach higher level of consciousness, the more your view of life will change. Meaning your thoughts will change.

People at the same level of consciousness breath the same mental air ( same thought). And this should explain to you the concept of “Public opinion”. Thoughts behave like air. They float and group together to form mental clouds (strong opinions capable of influencing people). Then do we always generate our own thoughts? the answer becomes an obvious NO. We receive and are unconsciousness influenced by other people’s thoughts. It’s urgent that spiritualists purify the mental atmosphere with more pure thoughts for the benefits of humanity.

So what is a thought? A product of your experience of life presented to your mind in the form of past or future images, or in the form of mental  words. At last, note that all thoughts you’ve ever had on earth is saved in your psychic memory ( subconsciousness),. Thoughts of the same kind have gathered in form of a psychic cloud you call strong opinion. Most people’s view are therefore intellectual based. Until comes the time when they are thrown to a higher story house to start having intuitive based views.

Love and light