Working with The Astral Body

The astral body in esoteric terms, or the invisible counter part of our physical body is the container of feelings, so it is made of emotional matters. It is the root of human feelings and emotions. It's higher version is refereed as the boudic body, which is the root of much higher type of feelings and emotions (spiritual feelings). Any being with emotions has a astral body. This latter evolves by rising its vibrations higher and higher. The higher the vibrations, the more spiritual types of emotions.  The astral body state of development defines the kind of life on earth. Many of humans live a plant life, some others live an animal life, others live a human life, few others live a spiritual life, and few others a divine life. Each type of life I've cited corresponds to a particular type of astral body. A less developed astral body will manifest basic and personal needs, emotions and feelings ( centred around food, sex and money). A more developed astral body will manifest altruist needs, emotions and feelings ( the need to develop spirituality, to help others, to sacrifice oneself for a spiritual idea). And it's all about the vibration level. The astral body has a range of vibrations which goes from its basic slow vibrations in the minerals, to the highest vibration of developed beings. The higher we vibrate our astral body the higher feelings we experience.
The sense of development.
Be conscious of the fact that everything in the material world are not perfect and that everything is subjected to change and to evolve. Anything in the material world is carried by an abstract wind which is moving everything towards harmony, perfection. And anything resisting this wind suffers, because that thing is thereafter moved by force. In a long run, everything will become perfe...

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