Most meditation practices aim to bring the person to the present moment, rather than letting him/her wander in the past and future thoughts. In the past and future thoughts are found impurities which we could avoid if we only we could practice some vipassana, some zen or mindfulness… In the past is found the worries, and in the future thoughts are found the anxiety. Worries and anxieties are common impurities which bury our tree self.

What we truly are cannot be observed. Just like you’ve never been able to observe your face without a mirror, the consciousness (the true you) cannot look at itself. And so, if you can observe something, that thing is not you. If you can observe your thought you are not the thought in question.

To observe a thought frees you from identifying with that thought. When you think without being aware you are thinking, you identify yourself with the thought. But if when you are aware of your current thought, you separate yourself with that thought; The thought and you (the witness, the watcher, the observer) become two different things. That way, the fate of the thought in progress is not yours. In order words, whatever the thought is doesn’t involve you anymore.

You are only involved with the thought when you are not aware that you are thinking of it. But as soon as you catch yourself thinking, the separation happens; you are no longer involved. And the help with that separation, try to also observe the emotions or feelings which that thought might have already caused in you before you the separation. If there is any feeling of guilt, just observe that guilt feeling, and it will go.

In order to success in vipassana, zen or any type of meditation in which we seek our true nature within. It is important to stick in mind that we are not the bad thoughts, nor the bad feelings. So during meditation whatever you observe within as bad thought or bad feelings is not our true self. When you catch those thoughts, and emotions, don’t identify yourself with them, just say to yourself silently that those are not my things, and you continue watching all those bad thoughts and emotions rising and falling.

What we commonly judge as bad thoughts and feelings comes from our subconsciousness which is part of our lower nature. The subconsciousness is what is responsible of all the automatic thoughts and emotions which rises to your consciousness. The subconsciousness is the reason why our mind shifts from one thought to another every few seconds endlessly. It is kind of like a mind of its own, it is the part of our consciousness which we have no control over. It ensure that all our bodies keep working even if when the consciousness ( our true self) is not present, and so for example in our physical body it will make our heart and lungs pomp blood and air automatically, in our astral body it will make us desire things which gives us pleasures, in our mental body it will bring up continuously thoughts so we stay involved with the material life.

But someone who has taken the path of evolution speaks to that subconsciousness. He/she says “Hey subconsciousness, consciousness of our lower nature, I appreciate all the automatic work you’ve been doing while I the true consciousness were not awake, you kept me thinking and feeling of all sorts of nonsense. Now I’m awake, I will decide what and when to think and to feel, you will let me teach you”.

From then we take control of our mental and astral body. With the auto observation, we protect our mental and astral body from impurities. Observe until the impurity fades and vanishes off your mind. Remember you are only truly affected by the impure thought when you encourage that thought, when you elaborate about it in your mind. Otherwise if when you notice a thought in your mind and simply observe it, if you become a simply witness towards that thought, without engaging, you will not be effected by the impurity.

Think of God like a consciousness which is also aware of all vibrations going on in the entire universe. God knows how to observe impurities without engaging to it, that’s why it (God) is never effected by impurities.

Who knows how to observe a thought without elaborating that thought, doesn’t become part of that thought.

Love and light